SOLautos is an exclusive collection of 4,200 Car based NFT’s on Solana. Our team of top Artists, Developers and Creative minds come together to create the leading car-based NFT project. We are hugely focused on the community and our token holders who will serve a huge role in the direction we take the project. Our long term vision is to take SOLautos too the Metaverse as we create autosWORLD!


We are a team of 2 co-founders along with an experienced artist and developers. We are aiming to create an NFT collection using some of our favourite cars with our own creative twist featuring rare traits, colors and locations to be collected. We aim to achieve all things on our V1 roadmap within the year of 2022, our V2 roadmap will come with help from YOU our community and what we want to achieve together with SOLautos

Launch of merchandise 

SOLautos website completion

SOLautos 4200 unique cars NFTs drop via Metaversol Launchpad

List on Magic Eden

NFTs holder verification integration with discord for our owners only community.

Second vehicle type decided by verified owners commissioned for design. (Will be airdropped 1 to 1 to each holder of cars SOL autos v1 NFT)​  Bikes/boats/planes the choice is yours

Work with Metaversol to Develop and Launch autosWORLD! The Metaverse for SOLautos community where you can really get in the drivers seat.

Launch of online car blog available quarterly through our website 

Exclusive SOLautos Car UK meet in a city chosen by our community 

V2 coming down the line…



Experienced NFT creator and has worked with A list sports stars collections.


Long time crypto and NFT degen/enthusiast. Ran multiple businesses in graphics and marketing.


long standing artist with years of experience and degrees from university of Buenos Aires.


Blockchain developer, smart contract expert. He used to work for the Solana labs.


How do I mint SOLauto?

All information regarding the drop will be featured in the SOLautos  Discord

Make sure you have Phantom Wallet or any other popular Solana wallet installed, and make sure it's funded with Solana.

When you arrive on the minting page, press the "Connect Wallet" button and select Phantom wallet (or other) to mint your SOLautos. More details will be released about the mint in the Discord.

When is the mint date?

SOLauto’s will begin minting on 25th of February - Check the discord for the time of release.

How many SOLauto’s are there?

There will be a maximum of 4200 SOLauto’s, which will be reached after the initial mint sells out. 

Then the real fun starts with implementing the utilities 

Is every SOLautos unique?

Yes every solauto will have it’s own unique DNA meaning no 2 auto’s will be the same making each NFT totally individual.